Dangers of Atkins Diet

Dangers of Atkins Diet

Just like the other well-known diet fads on earth, the Atkins diet poses a number of risks to the dieters.
Yes, several researches have revealed that Atkins diet has its own dangers, masked by those highly compelling claims.

So what are the hidden dangers of Atkins diet?

The Atkins diet, on the most basic, encourages dieters to consumer more fats, more proteins, but low carbohydrates. This is based on the belief that people gain weight not by the fats they intake, but by the way their system processes carbohydrates. The purpose of the Atkins diet is then to change your metabolism and lose weight easily by eating foods that are high in protein and fat and restricting foods that are high in carbohydrates which is deemed to raise the levels of blood sugar in the body the most.

Although the foundation of Atkins diet sounds too good to be true, several questions about the long term effects of the diet plan arise. Many experts have said that low carb diets like the Atkins have a negative long term impact on health. One main support for this is the idea that Atkins diet is very high in cholesterol and total fat, and is low in vegetables, fruits and whole grains that are proven to have health benefits. In this case, people will tend to gain weight because of the higher levels of cholesterol, and that may even lead to some heath risks.

The dangers of Atkins diet were also evaluated for cancer, and it is somewhat alarming to know that based on some evaluations conducted about the dangers of Atkins diet it was found out that the Atkins plan because of its high protein, high fat and low carbohydrate foundation tends to promote the loss of water weight. As a result, the body will start to break down muscle tissues instead of fat.

The Atkins diet also missed the fact that the state of ketosis, which occurs whenever the body loss a sufficient intake of carbohydrates, may lead not only to the breakdown of muscle tissues but also to nausea, headaches, dehydration, irritability, bad breath, light-headedness and even kidney ailment. Aside from these noted dangers of Atkins diet, several researches have showed that the Atkins diet may cause fetal abnormality and even death to pregnant women. This is basically the reason that pregnant women are highly discouraged from using or following it. And, it is worth noting that several recent researches about the dangers of Atkins diet have revealed that Dr. Atkins diet plan can be life-threatening to diabetic patients. Because of this, diabetics are strongly advised to consult their doctor first before following any of the low carb, high fat and high protein diet like the Atkins.

Several other dangers of Atkins diet are noted to occur long term. The list even include the risks for developing heart disease, cancer, loss of calcium from the bones, central nervous system depression, kidney and liver problems, and a lot more. So if you are thinking of using Atkins, know first if the plan is best for you or not.