Atkins Diet is Bad!

Atkins Diet is Bad!

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I bet you all know that the Atkins diet was developed by Dr. Robert Atkins as a low carbohydrate, high protein diet.
It was founded based on the belief that when people consume excess amounts of carbohydrates they will gain weight. It was also developed based on the notion that it’s not the fat that the people consume that makes them obese, but it is the way their body processes carbohydrates that causes weight gain.

Compelling as it may seem, there are certain issues that the followers of Atkins have missed. Most of these issues have something to do health, and the health risks found by most researches is what basically made people to think that the Atkins diet is bad.

So what are those health risks associated with the Atkins diet that triggers people to think that the Atkins diet is bad?

In the first place, numerous reports have revealed that Atkins diet is bad in the sense that it encourages the dieters to consume more fats and proteins than carbohydrates. This way, people will tend to lose weight not because of the loss of fats in the body, but due to the loss of water weight. This condition is what will lead the muscle tissue to breakdown. Along with this breakdown, several other health risks may occur, such as nausea, constipation, withdrawal symptoms, and even bad breath. Although these effects are just short term, they still have the tendency to develop into something serious.

Aside from those findings, several other studies have revealed that Atkins diet is bad for the reason that there is not nearly enough emphasis placed on the quality of foods. Unlike the other healthy diet fads, the Atkins places greater emphasis on the intake of beef, milk and fish which can cause certain health risks to those who are consuming it in greater amounts. Worse is that, Atkins did not place strong emphasis on the quality of these foods. For instance, it just recommends people to eat fish, but there’s no attention given to the importance of avoiding the PCBs and mercury. As you may know, nearly all kinds of fish are contaminated with these harmful substances. So with this fact being missed, Atkins diet is bad really in this sense.

There are also other researches to show that the Atkins diet is bad for health. Another worth noting finding is that which reveals that the Atkins diet, being a low carbohydrate diet program, typically includes quantities of fat, saturated fat, protein and cholesterol tha exceed the safe limits recommended by the National Academy of Sciences. Also, they are often low in fiber and some other necessary dietary elements. Because of these findings, several nutritionists have maintained that Atkins diet is bad that it is highly capable of developing potential abnormalities on the cardiac, bones, renal, and even liver. Also, the Atkins diet is bad for pregnant women as it may lead to fetal abnormalities and even death.