Matemo Island Resort Reviews

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  1. Richard Goodd said:

    If you’re looking for a friendly atmosphere with all the luxuries but without pretension, Matemo is it. The staff -all local villagers who have been trained afresh- are delightful and eager to please. On my first night (my birthday which I didn’t advertise) I was presented at table with a gorgeous birthday cake. Dinners alternate from being presented on the beach (my bday night was such), the poolside patio and the open air dining room. The lunches are relaxed and generally include copious crayfish (lobster) and prawns, and the dinners lavish buffets with the emphasis on seafood.The resort is small so you either need to want complete relaxation, or be interested in scuba, sailing, fishing and the like, but the short trip to nearby Ibo Island is well worth the visit. The beach is fabulous and you will be refreshed by the lack of intrusion from the outside world. Highly recommended.

  2. Pedro Buchan said:

    We spent our honeymoon (6 days) at the Matemo Resort in Feb/2010 and i really can’t find words to express how much we enjoyed the resort and all its amenities!!
    The ‘wilderness’ feeling is present all around and the peace of the location is simply amazing… i find hard to believe how can someone dislike the resort and write a bad review about it!
    The hotel manager (Paulo) was way beyond nice and all the staff was extremely kind, with a constant smile on their faces… maybe the fact that we smiled back might have helped along the way… as opposed to some guests, who acted pretty rude and unfriendly.
    Our room was always clean and, on more than one occasion, serviced twice a day, depending on the time we arrived from the beach by the end of the day!
    The food was excellent and the cook even presented us with a marvelous dinner cooked at the beach on the night before our departure.
    Sea water is unbelievably warm (30Celsius), although the visibility, due to the ‘flower sort’ sand, isn’t that good…. on shallow waters at least.
    If u want to enjoy peace and quiet in Paradise island, Matemo is the place to go to!

  3. June Strydom said:

    I recently visited Matemo and Medjumbe in the Quirimbas Archipelago, both run and operated by Rani Resorts.
    Here is a tropical island dream come true. I never believed there to be so many different shades of blue. The entire experience, from flying in on the small charter planes to the long languid days on pristine isolated beaches, floating in crystal clear water, gorging on the most delicious and freshest seafood, the service, staff and comfort of the rooms was without fault.
    Activities range from getting engaged ;-) , cultural trips to nearby Ibo Island (where you can purchase your silver engagement rings), snorkeling, scuba, kayaking, fishing, sleeping and reading.
    Mozambique, for both Europeans and South Africans, has much to offer. It is safe, culturally interesting and astoundingly beautiful. Local staff are employed and local fresh produce is purchased and grown wherever possible. Fresh water is from desalinisation plants set up on the respective islands and the use of plastic is kept to an absolute minimum.

    If you are considering a tropical getaway, whether romantic or just a total drop-off rejuvenation break, this has to be at the top of your list.
    The flight from Cape Town was painless and actually served to relax and prepare me for the total downtime awaiting me. My trip was a little short with time constraints but I would recommend at least a week for both.

    Without a doubt Medjumbe is more exclusive and private than Matemo, which is more geared for small families or groups. But please note these are not resort holidays ala BeachComber Mauritian style. Rani is an exclusive, stylish operation which delivers discreet, service and luxury in proportion to its context – something that is rare these days in luxury hotel operators.

    Go see for yourself.

  4. Cobus said:

    We nipped over to Matemo for two nights and wished we’d spent our whole holiday there. It ticked all the boxes for a remote island holiday – beautiful blue water for swimming, fine food, secluded chalets right on the beach. Vincent the manager at Matemo is top class. Its an ideal retreat for couples, for groups of families. Accessible via plane (25 minutes from Pemba). Being winter, It was a little windy and I would love to return when the weather is at its best!

  5. Nita said:

    This was idyillic destination to destress. Great service, location and wonderful ocean view rooms as guaranteed on the website. Only missing factor would be a spa on the resort which would complete the package. Tour of Ibo was impressive and would suggest you take supplies as if you do forget anything, you are totally removed from any retail outlet. The managing couple and their staff were more than willing to assist. Good variety of food at meal times, rooms clean and the shell-life amazing!
    The best part is that you can truly have the beach all to yourself at many times! That’s invaluable.

  6. Nikki said:

    We were initially meant to go to Indigo Bay, but due to the cyclone season in Bazaruto in February, our travel agent recommended that we go to Matemo (also a Rani Resort)which is much further north. We were a bit sceptical as there were only 2 reviews on Trip Advisor and I am generally a very fussy traveller. However we were more than pleasantly surprised and even extended
    our stay for an additional 2 nights! The hotel decor is in Morrocan style. The chalets are right on the beach, very spacious with magificent wooden floors and Morrocan style furniture, full bathroom with separate toilet, a patio with a hammock and also an outside shower.

    The beach is absolutely breath taking, and having travelled all over the world, I must say that it certainly ranks as one of the best we have been to. The water is warm, completely clear, still and turquoise. There are all sorts of activities available, including a picnic to one of the remote islands where a gazebo with a table and chairs and umbrellas are set up for you on the beach and drinks and a delicious meal also provided. The snorkelling is also great just near the hotel or you can take a boat out – there were a couple of reefs where we saw some beautiful fish.

    We also enjoyed a private dinner on the beach under the stars and also a barbeque on the beach.

    The staff and management were very friendly and tried to accommodate our every request. The only complaint from a service point of view is that some of the local staff did not understand English too well, but were nonetheless very friendly.

    Also a massage would have been great, but there was no masseuse available during our stay. However apparently this can be arranged.

    All in all we had a wonderful holiday. There were mostly couples from overseas staying during our stay and everyone was thrilled with the hotel. We would definately go back again to recharge our batteries!

    The package was all inclusive. The food was great with seafood being served in abundance.

  7. Thomas said:

    We stayed at Matemo for 4 nights during Christmas week 2009. We started on Ibo island and than moved to Matemo. Matemo is greatly improved since the last reviews. Tony, the general manager, was brought back in Jan. 2009 and has done an excellent job of addressing any problems and has made numerous improvements. They have power 24/7. This was much appreciated after coming from Ibo. We loved having air conditioning and lights when we wanted. The rooms are beautiful and all are on a stunning beach with fabulous views. Even though it was Christmas week, we felt we had privacy. The hotel price included all food and beverages. Laundry service is included as well. That was excellent. They do have premium beverages for purchase. We thought the beverages included in the price were fine and good quality. They also had a masseuse available during our stay. This was very nice. The pics on the website are accurate. It is a stunning place. They get most of their supplies from South Africa. The food selection was reasonable for such a remote island. They do their best to please. We absolutely felt we received good value for the price.

  8. Mike Chester said:

    Matemo is a beautiful tiny island resort, located in the Quirimbas Archipelago, near the top of Mozambique.
    Rani resorts have built this and several other luxury retreats in a remote and inaccessible untouched part of Africa. We flew direct from Jo’berg using Rani to book our trip with Air Mozambique (LAM). This isn’t for the faint hearted as the journey takes the best part of a day with chaos at Maputo airport – the exchange of dollars cash for a visa and a long wait in a poor airport.
    However island transfers are with the resorts own airline and we were warmly welcomed.
    The resort has significant investment with only 24 thatched bungalows with beautiful bathrooms, large comfortable beds, aircon, limited TV, no internet but large patio doors opening onto white sands and the indian ocean.
    We felt the accommodation was acceptable for the price but don’t be fooled that you will get any more drinks for free other than 2 small bottles of water. This is a food but NOT drink inclusive resort and if you fancy a drink you will find the bar prices higher than many bars in South Africa! Food is well prepared, fresh and Douglas the chef is very talented. We felt the buffet presentation would start to get a little boring if you were there for 5 or more days.
    Its a good beach holiday with watersports but little else to do. We would recommend the island trip to Ibo which gives a 4 hour guided tour of one of the poorest parts of Mozambique.
    Don’t forget your toiletries – a small shampoo will set you back USD$10 in the resort shop!
    Staff were very friendly and on the whole had a good understanding of English.

    Overall it was a beautiful and stunning location. The resort has nearly got it right but if they can review their policy on drinks (being charged for a still water at the bar when beforehand I was told only specific beverages would be charged was a bit of a shock). I would rate them higher. Bring your own wine if you don’t want the cost each night and be prepared for a really tiresome journey on one of LAM’s ancient and overloaded 737s! You WILL need small dollar amounts both on arrival (if you haven’t got a visa) and on deaprture. More worryingly Pemba airport has no luggage scanner and therefore raises some serious safety concerns for your travel.