Matemo Island Resort Activities

Diving – Quirimbas Archipelago
The tropical waters around Matemo are one of Mozambique’s best-kept secrets. Here in clear waters that reach 30c in summer and rarely less than 26c in winter, you will discover a marine ecosystem that is absolutely pristine.
Matemo’s spectacular coral “bommies”, as well as reef banks, wall dives and a fascinating wreck dive, allow divers of all ability to experience a dazzling world of marine diversity.

Mozambique Fishing
The protected waters around Matemo Island offer some of the most spectacular fishing in the world. Unspoilt and largely unexplored, the Indian Ocean here with its deep Mozambique Channel harbours some of the most exciting game fish to to catch and release – species such as kingfish, queenfish, barracuda, mackerel and yellowfin tuna.

Water and Land Activities at Matemo Island
A world of activity is open to those who want to explore Matemo’s natural treasures. For marine adventures, such as diving, snorkelling or fishing, you could not choose a more idyllic natural environment than the Quirimbas, whilst water sports such as sailing, water-skiing, windsurfing and kayaking provide endless action-packed fun.

Matemo Island ActivitiesIbo Island Culture, Mozambique
Take our 20-minute boat trip to Ilha do Ibo and experience a place where time has stood still and the world has not yet found. Unspoilt and authentic, Ibo Island tells a story of its compelling East African history as a trading post for silver, ivory and slaves. A past of pirate, Arab, Portuguese and Dutch influence makes a visit to this coral and palm island most intriguing.